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Can the stone cutting machine cut iron


No, Change the cutting blade. The stone cutting blade i […]

Change the cutting blade.
The stone cutting blade is made of steel with reinforced diamond (alumina) components on the edges to achieve the cutting of the stone. However,this kind of cutting piece cuts steel because both sides are too hard, easy to crack, and the cutting speed is slow. The slice wears quickly due to high temperature, and the diamond part is worn away after a while, which basically means nothing. Cut stone is very durable, and one piece can last a long time.Steel cutting blades are polyester-bonded cutting blades of a large amount of emery. It has a very good grinding effect on steel. It grinds a lot of steel at the same time when grinding steel, but the cutting speed is fast. These cutting blades are not very durable and need to be replaced with new ones at any timeChina Stone Machinery company

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