Our company adheres to the after-sales service without blind spots, is committed to providing customers with systematic solutions, and provides intimate care with a professional and honest service attitude. Our company currently has 26 after-sales service personnel, resident or mobile and domestic offices, of which 6 have foreign installation and maintenance experience, can provide door-to-door service or solve after-sales problems online, so that customers are truly worry-free.


Part of after-sales personnel information




Name: Guo Weijian (John)

Work experience: 2011 to present.
Good at: arc machine, quartz stone countertop equipment.
Overseas service experience: Taiwan, France, the United States...
Personal profile: good at quartz stone equipment and can understand customer needs well.


Name: Wu Linyang (Shine)

Working years: 2015 to present.
Good at: CNC machining center, arc edge polishing machine, complete set of table equipment series.
Overseas service experience: install bridge saw in Singapore: install polishing machine and CNC machine in Australia.
Personal profile: He is an extroverted and smart technician. He majored in CNC at the university. He is open-minded and active, and he is very good at learning and researching things. According to customer reviews, all his advantages make him one of the most popular technicians.


Name: Wu Xinhua (Herry)

Working years: 2004 to present.
Good at: bridge saw, edge trimming machine, edge grinding machine.
Overseas service experience: Taiwan, Singapore, the United States...
Personal profile: He is one of our company's experienced technicians. He is good at all machines and has a serious attitude.


Name: Cai Xianming (Sam)

Working years: 2005 to present.
Good at: all types of machinery.
Overseas service experience: Canada, the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Indonesia, Australia, etc.
Personal profile: He has been to 13 countries 16 times, has rich experience, can communicate well with customers, and is one of our best engineers.


Name: Jiang Zhongqiu (Andy)

Working years: 2005 to present.
Good at: trimming machine, polishing machine, bridge saw, machining center.
Service experience: South Africa, Taiwan, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.
Personal profile: He has a good sense of humor and good learning ability. He put forward valuable opinions on the development of our company's new products, and he is deeply loved by leaders and customers.



Overseas after-sales case


South Africa-Machining Center
  Vietnam-Bridge Saw
  Singapore-Bridge Saw
Singapore-Hole Punching Machine
  Singapore-Hole Punching Machine
  India-Countertop Edging Machine
Singapore countertop polishing machine
  India-Edging Machine
  Australia-table top edging machine
Singapore-Bridge Cutting Machine
  Sri Lanka-Bridge Cutting Machine
  Iraq-Bridge Cutting Machine