What are the precautions for using a cutting machine?

Update:04-08-2016 10:44:56

(1) In most cases, the cutting machine should be operat […]

(1) In most cases, the cutting machine should be operated with water. As a protective measure against electric shock, rubber gloves and rubber boots should be worn during the operation.

(2) Before the operation, the cutting piece should be carefully inspected for cracks or damage. If there is crack or damage, it should be replaced immediately. Accessories that are compatible with the tool, such as flanges, should be used.

(3) Do not damage the rotating shaft, flange (especially the mounting surface) and bolts. Damage to these parts can cause damage to the cutting piece.

(4) Hold the handle of the cutting machine while working, and do not touch the rotating part. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the cooling water from entering the motor, and the water entering the motor may cause an electric shock.

(5) It is strictly forbidden to start the cutting machine with load. Before starting, it should be confirmed that the cutting piece is not in contact with the workpiece.

(6) It is forbidden to fix the switch of the cutting machine in the "ON" position for a long time.

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