Marble polishing machine mechanical features

Update:09-11-2019 11:20:53

Marble polishing machine is a multi-functional machine […]

Marble polishing machine is a multi-functional machine that can quickly complete different processes such as slag cleaning, leveling, grinding and polishing of stone floor, floor and floor. Mechanical features:
1, there are classic fixed high and low two speeds (no frequency conversion, coarse grinding, fine grinding disc torque, grinding force stability).stone polishing machine
2, the size of the two grinding discs can be flexibly replaced, the weight is sufficient (the grinding disc pressure is enough), suitable for the needs of different construction processes such as stone and floor.
3, the front detachable flexible operation of the pull handle, for the foot and large area grinding and polishing, the grinding disc can be worn at zero distance contact with the foot.
4, suitable for all kinds of natural and artificial stone floor; epoxy floor, cement floor; epoxy terrazzo, epoxy silicon carbide floor leveling, grinding and polishing, cleaning slag, cleaning and other construction process needs.
5, the grinding disc is flexible and ordinary, equipped with two grinding discs (different construction technology requirements), the grinding disc can be adapted to various adhesive type, snap-in round, horseshoe-shaped grinding block, grinding piece, automatic assembly line grinding disc ( 4 inch \ 8 inch 10 inch), bowl diamond grinding wheel and other grinding discs.
6. Front-mounted electric lifting device, the most difficult to change the grinding disc, and at the same time can meet the pressure requirements required for adjusting (changing) the grinding disc in different construction processes.
7. Rear vertical force machine horizontal grinding adjustment device ensures horizontal grinding of the machine and horizontal loss of the grinding block.
8. High safety: 24V low voltage power supply is used for starting and stopping the equipment and lifting the front end lifting system. Working motor overload, leakage protection device.
9. Stabilized transmission: The front end of the fuselage is equipped with a gear transmission gearbox, which can hang high and low gears to make the motor power 100%. At low speed, it greatly enhances the torque of the rotating shaft. It is suitable for different ground and different grinding in the grinding and polishing process. The need to throw the process, thereby improving the grinding, grinding and polishing effects.
10, the weight is sufficient, the grinding disc is under pressure: the weight of the machine is up to 250kg, and the corresponding pressure of the grinding disc is more than 180kg. High hardness (such as granite, polished tiles, epoxy quartz sand terrazzo, epoxy floor, concrete floor) and low hardness (cloud, artificial marble) are suitable at the same time.
11, humanized design: front electric lifting device. The rear vertical force machine level adjustment device makes the point on the grinding disc evenly grind and the grinding piece (block) is horizontally lost. Removable movable armrests for easy and easy operation.
12. Buffer damping device: There is a compression spring between the output rotating shaft and the grinding disc. When the grinding disc encounters a large cutting or high and low unevenness, the machine will be greatly impacted. At this time, the spring will buffer and reduce vibration. The function can keep the machine from grinding smoothly, thus reducing the labor intensity of the operator.
13. Movable handle design: When working in large area, the operator can easily operate the machine with the help of the pull handle. When the grind is thrown to the corner position, the pull handle operation can be removed.
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