Stone polishing machine

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Stone polishing is an important process to maintain sto […]

Stone polishing is an important process to maintain stone. Some stone can be directly polished. Polishing is mainly to increase the brightness of the stone surface.
Stone polishing is generally carried out according to the procedures of rough grinding → semi-fine grinding → fine grinding → fine grinding → polishing, and some can eliminate the rough grinding step, mainly to see if the surface of the original stone has been subjected to preliminary treatment.
1 Rough grinding: It requires deep grinding of the grinding blade, high grinding efficiency, rough grinding, and rough surface. It mainly removes the traces of the saw blade left in the previous stone polishing machineprocess and smoothes the stone. , the molding surface is ground in place;
2 semi-fine grinding: remove the rough grinding marks to form a new thinner grain, so that the stone surface is smooth and smooth;
3 fine grinding: the surface pattern, particles and color of the finely ground stone have been clearly displayed, the surface is fine and smooth, and there is a weak gloss at the beginning;
4 fine grinding: the surface of the polished stone, no trace of the naked eye. The surface is smoother and the gloss is up to 55 degrees or more;
5 Polishing: Using a special granite polishing machine, the stone water-grinding piece from No.50-3000 is ground from coarse to fine, which makes the ground bright and new. The polished stone surface is as bright as a mirror, and its gloss can reach more than 85 degrees. Different grinding and polishing processes are used depending on the type of stone.
1. Polishing and polishing process of flat plate: check the condition of the material - glue repair - check before starting - upper plate - trimming - start each grinding head in turn - observe the grinding and polishing situation - adjust the grinding parameters - drying - waxing, cleaning - Inspection - lower board - packaging.
2, the polishing process of the arc panel: check the material condition - glue repair - manual rough grinding - inspection - upper plate - check before starting - rough grinding - check the rough grinding situation - fine grinding - polishing - check the polishing situation - the lower plate.
3, polishing process of special-shaped lines: check the condition of the material - check whether the shape of the shape is qualified - draw the outline according to the standard template - rough grinding both ends - coarse grinding from the ends to the middle - fine grinding - stitching - water grinding knife 400# After dismantling - polishing and polishing - inspection.

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