What are the common marble processing equipment

Update:23-03-2022 19:01:09

Because marble has natural and beautiful patterns, many […]

Because marble has natural and beautiful patterns, many decorative materials for floors and walls and statues are made of marble, and marble processing is required during the production process. So, in order to meet the processing requirements of various products, what high-quality marble processing equipment will marble product manufacturers use?

1. Stone sawing equipment
The representative model of this marble processing equipment is the diamond saw. During processing, there will be a number of manganese steel strips fixed on the saw frame, driven by the crank mechanism for reciprocating translation movement, the diamond mortar will be sprayed from top to bottom, and the marble will be ground under the operation of the manganese steel strip. Sharp cut. In addition to emery saws, common stone saws include circular saws, multi-blade saws, etc.

2. Polishing equipment
Grinding is an important processing step in the marble processing process, so there are also many grinding machines. Now the resin grinding disc is more commonly used. Process efficiency. In addition, the structure of the marble processing equipment is simple and light, so the investment cost of the polishing equipment is low.

3. Edge trimming equipment
The principle of the edge trimming machine is relatively simple. The main model at first was the hand-cranking machine, but now with the development of automation, most manufacturers use bridge-type automatic cutting machines. The cutting head can be moved laterally on the beam, and the beam can be moved longitudinally on the base so that the two-way edge trimming operation of marble can be automatically completed.

People like the naturalness of marble, so more and more products will be made of marble. However, different marble products need to be processed in different ways. Therefore, marble processing factories tend to purchase a variety of different types of marble processing equipment in order to meet the needs of different marble processing equipment. The processing needs of products, presenting beautiful marble processing products to consumers.



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