What should be paid attention to when choosing and using a stone cutting machine?

Update:08-09-2021 17:16:25

Stone sawing machines are very common in stone processi […]

Stone sawing machines are very common in stone processing, but do you know what to pay attention to when choosing and using a stone cutting machine? Let’s understand together:

1. When the stone processing plant develops the sawing process according to the stone material and plate specifications, it should fully consider the accuracy of the equipment used, the quality of the diamond bit, the accuracy of the saw blade base and the degree of rewelding, and the difficulty of cutting the stone. Consider the ease of comprehensively, work out a reasonable sawing process, and strictly implement it. Through reasonable adjustment of the process, to make up for the deficiencies caused by the saw blade and equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of the board. In daily management, it is necessary to strictly implement mature cutting processes that have been proven feasible through long-term production practices. When there is a quality problem in the board, the cutting process and implementation should be investigated and analyzed in depth, and rectification opinions and preventive measures should be put forward, which can get a good effect with twice the effort.

2. When determining a reasonable and feasible saw blade cutting line speed and other cutting processes according to the material of the stone, special attention should be paid to the reasonable matching of the horizontal cutting speed of the circular sawing machine and the vertical feed cutting amount, otherwise, not only cannot be improved Production efficiency, and it will also bring some negative effects, and bring unnecessary losses to the stone factory. For granite, because the material is relatively hard, it is suitable for fast walking and shallow cutting. The horizontal cutting speed is 1.5-3.2m/min, and the vertical feed rate is 10-25mn. For softer materials such as marble, it is easy to deep cut and spread. The cutting speed is 1.0-2.2n positive min, and the vertical feed is 20~55m with time resistance.

3. In the selection of equipment, each stone factory must pay attention to the selection of the stone material and common plate specifications that it processes, and carry out high, medium and low gear equipment according to their economic strength and the quality requirements of the plate. Purchases. In order to facilitate the normal operation of future production and reasonably guarantee the quality of the products.

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