Classification of stone machinery

Update:12-09-2019 17:12:08

1. Classified by production process Stone machinery can […]

1. Classified by production process
Stone machinery can be divided into stone mining machinery, stone processing machinery, stone decoration machinery, stone maintenance machinery, stone processing tools, stone testing machinery, etc., in addition to some tools and accessories, such as diamond saw blades, abrasive tools, abrasives, stone Chemical protective equipment, various types of stone monitoring equipment.
2. Classified by processing technology
Includes cutters and rigs. Such as cutting machine, cutting stone board, on-site decoration, testing will use the cutting machine with diamond section (or full edge) circular saw blade; like drilling machine, sampling, processing drilling, decoration, art in the mine Various rigs are also used for carving.
3. Classified by tool material
For example, stone processing tools made of diamond, cubic boron nitride and the like are collectively referred to as superhard material tools; synthetic stone materials made of stone scrap materials are called synthetic stone production lines.

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