How does stone machinery use electricity to be safe?

Update:27-01-2021 17:56:54

Stone machineryStone Cutting Machine Suppliers is a wid […]

How does stone machinery use electricity to be safe?

Stone machineryStone Cutting Machine Suppliers is a widely used equipment in the industry and is favored by customers. Electricity is indispensable in mechanical production, and it is also the first condition for mechanical work. Electricity safety is a problem we need to pay attention to now, so for stone machinery, how to use electricity to be safe? We analyze and explain for you.
The safe use of the stone machine can avoid the damage of the machine caused by human factors and the personal safety injury of the operator, and avoid the occurrence of major accidents.




Before using the machine, you should read the manual or operation manual provided by the manufacturer in detail to understand the performance of the machine and the correct use method, which is beneficial to the construction operation.

  In order to ensure personal safety, avoid real wiring work during power transmission.

  The input power supply should adopt leakage protection device.

  Use national standard cables for wiring, and wire correctly according to the power of the machine.

  Ensure the integrity of the insulation layer of the cable.

  During the operation of the machine, avoid splashing the construction water on the motor and electric box and the operation control part of the machine.

  During the use of the machine, ensure that the machine cable and the machine grinding head keep a certain distance to avoid personal injury caused by the machine twisting.

  The machine should be shut down and cut off the power supply in time if there is any abnormality

  Operators need to wear insulated protective rubber shoes.

  Wiring should ensure the firmness of the terminal and at the same time ensure that the output voltage matches the voltage of the machine.

  For personal safety, please ensure correct grounding. Neutral wire and ground wire are two different concepts. The ground wire to ground potential is zero, and the neutral wire to ground potential is not necessarily zero.

  Ensure that the abrasive and the machine are installed accurately and in place. Different abrasives should be installed firmly to prevent the abrasive from flying out and causing injury.

  When the machine uses a water mill, when the machine is stopped, the water should be turned off in time to complete the work and clean up the residual water of the machine.

  When the machine is stopped for a long time, the power supply should be cut off in time to ensure that the machine is damaged by misoperation.

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