Do you know the accuracy judgment method of stone engraving machine?

Update:05-02-2021 17:09:21

Stone engraving machine is an energy-efficient stone eq […]

Stone engraving machine is an energy-efficient stone equipment, which is widely used in the industry and is favored by customers. Accuracy is the basis for judging the quality of a machine, and it is also the value of the machinestone polishing machine manufacturers. So how to judge the accuracy of stone engraving machine? We analyze and explain for you.

 First, check the plane processing accuracy of the engraving machine. There is such a simple method to try. Use programming software to make a bigger rectangle. Use a ruler to measure whether the diagonals of the rectangle are consistent. If the plane accuracy of the consistent machine is no problem, otherwise the machine accuracy will not be achieved.
  Secondly, check the relief processing accuracy of the engraving machine. The line spacing is set smaller, and the carving is layered. After finishing it, check whether the four sides of the machine are smooth and whether the relief level connection is smooth. If the four sides are jagged and not smooth, the machine's X-axis has a precision error. If the relief has faults or steps, then the machine's Z-axis has a precision error.
  When customers choose and understand the CNC engraving machine, it is very important to go to the manufacturer to inspect and test the engraving. Not only can you understand the scale and strength of the engraving machine manufacturer, you can also check the equipment performance and engraving accuracy, so you can better choose the equipment.

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