How to adjust the speed of household handheld cutting machine

Update:05-06-2020 13:51:31

See your hands-on ability bai Of course, electronic gov […]

See your hands-on ability bai

Of course, electronic governors can use electric sub governors. The principle is to use a bidirectional thyristor (thyristor dao) to adjust the conduction angle of the alternating current, so that the average effective voltage drops. Note that the starting current of the motor is very large, you must choose a thyristor with a sufficiently large rated current and a fuse in series that is much lower than its rated current, and a circuit suitable for inductive loads should also be used. The advantages are stepless speed change, small size, light weight and cheap price. The disadvantage is that the AC conduction angle is cut and the output has the characteristics of high frequency harmonics. When the inductive load is encountered, the effective current is low and thestone cutting machines factory output voltage is low (such as tens of volts) The starting force of the motor is so poor that it cannot even start. Therefore, the starting voltage should not be too low during design, and the volt is still reliable. The easiest way is to bring a dummy load during debugging, you can use a Yuba bulb, try to determine the value of W (you can parallel the resistance at both ends ).



In fact, the easiest way to use a transformer is to use a transformer (of course, there must be a large enough power reserve). The series-excited DC motor itself adapts to a wide voltage range. When the number of revolutions is low, the self-induced electromotive force is also low. The current does not decrease proportionally with the voltage. Therefore, the reduction in torque is less than the reduction in revolutions, and the motor can be in normal operation.

Be sure to find out whether your power tool is an AC motor or a DC motor, otherwise the consequences will be serious! As we all know, DC motors drive DC motors with large torque. We must remind everyone that if an electric shock is at the same voltage, DC will kill and cripple people more than AC! Don't believe in trying a few mice. No matter how you play, you have to figure it out and do it again.

If you are not sure you can do it, you can find a professional electrician to modify it.

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