How to install the blade of the weeder

Update:13-06-2020 13:39:53

Woodworking saw blade, as the name bai suggests, a tool […]

How to install the blade of the weeder

Woodworking saw blade, as the name bai suggests, a tool for processing du wood. I think that most people are not new to it, but most Dao people have not been exposed to it, because it does not exist as a separate entity. If you want it to function, you have to reinstall it. This is one of the factors that makes many people "distracted". How to install a woodworking saw blade? Don't worry, because then I will give you a detailed introduction to the installation of woodworking saw blades.
Woodworking saw blades are generally made of carbon tool steel. There are two commonly used grades: T9 and T10. (That is, carbon steel with a carbon content of about 0.9% and 1.0%). Used to process wood, according to the tooth shape can be divided into: left and right teeth, transverse teeth.
Saw blades are professionally developed and manufactured. The substrate for the production of alloy saw blades adopts the technology and manufacturing process of the current round rotating cone roller rolling weft treatment, which makes the substrate have excellent rigidity, and the center of the circle is a symmetrically distributed uniform group.
Weaving structure and mechanical properties, the stress is evenly distributed in the center of the circle to exert the extraordinary rotation straightening ability, carbide saw blade
Has excellent cutting accuracy. High-quality nano-grade tungsten carbide, cobalt and other rare metals advanced technology sintering high performance
It can alloy saw teeth to make the blade sharp and durable. The sawing road has good linearity and the cut surface is smooth and seamless.
Before installing the saw blade, first check whether the saw teeth are defective, falling off, abnormal wear, and bending, twisting and cracking of the saw disc; during installation, ensure that the rotation direction of the saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of the machine spindle; in addition, pay attention to confirm the selected saw The blade is suitable for the speed and feed of the material to be cut (according to the recommendation in the article, first select the cutting speed, feed per tooth and then calculate the speed and feed per minute based on the number of saw blade diameter teeth); each time the flange is installed To ensure that the flange surface is flat and clean, parallel to each other and perpendicular to the axis, the size must be the same, the minimum diameter of the flange is 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade, the washer should be vertical; the saw blade should be higher than the plate height at least equal to the height of the saw tooth; when During processing, the cross section should be at least 3 teeth, or the saw blade will swing.stone cutting machines factory



Special attention should also be paid: the material to be cut should be fixed during use, and the operation should be stopped when abnormal sound and vibration, rough cut surface, or bending are found, and timely inspection should be performed to eliminate the fault. When the saw blade is not sharp and the cut surface is rough, it must be re-grinded in time. The original angle cannot be changed during re-grinding, and must be repaired by a trusted professional manufacturer.
Woodworking saw blades are generally made of carbon tool steel, so there are also some unsafe factors in it. I hope you will be very careful when using or installing to ensure your safety. As consumers' demands for woodworking saw blades are becoming more and more diverse, many businesses have also improved their technology and continuously innovated. Therefore, various woodworking saw blades have also been born. It can be classified according to material, tooth shape, and size. It can be described as everything, so at the end, we must remind everyone: when choosing to buy, you must distinguish clearly before you start.

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