How to deal with stone cutting dust

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This article introduces the stone cutting dust treatmen […]

This article introduces the stone cutting dust treatment program: the stone processing technology includes cutting, grinding, polishing, special-

shaped processing (engraving, edging, chamfering), inspection and repair. The dust concentration in the workplace exceeded all standards during

the test.China marble cutting machine Manufacturers
The content of free silica in the dust of 20 stone processing enterprises is between 2.62% and 42.12%. Only 3 companies have the content below

10%, and the remaining 17 are above 10%. The dust concentration in all jobs exceeded the *** standard.
Among them, the dust concentration was 1.852mg / m3-852.00mg / m3 *** exceeded the standard by 852 times, and the exhalation concentration was

1.20mg / m3-124.33mg / m3 *** exceeded the standard by 177.61 times.
The problem that caused the amount of dust to exceed the standard is mainly that the process of generating a dust source at the processing site

did not perform effective dust removal treatment. Many small and micro enterprises basically did not have any protective measures. Workers simply

brought a dustproof door cover. Large companies also simply discharge dust into the air through simple negative pressure fans.
Due to the limited space for fan layout, many places where dust is generated cannot be discharged, so the entire working environment is still in a

dusty state, and the dust is directly discharged into the atmosphere without any purification treatment. In the surface article, I did not

fundamentally realize the pressure of dust pollution on the environment.
Dust pollution has severely restricted the development of the stone industry, a series of problems such as the increasing cost of occupational

disease compensation, increasing environmental protection pressure, and difficulty in recruiting workers. The sustainable development of the

enterprise must bear the social responsibility, the short-term benefits of sacrificing the environment are not long-term, and the price paid is

irreparable, so it is imminent to choose energy-saving and environmental protection dust removal equipment.
At present, the main dust removal equipment includes water-washing type dust removal equipment, water-washing type silent dust removal equipment,

and pulse type dust removal equipment. The main principle of water-washing equipment is that the suction generated after the fan runs causes the

dust generated during grinding to flow to the water curtain filter of the dust removal cabinet, and the dust and water are mixed to form a slurry

through six-layer filtration and settle in the water tank. .
The power of the equipment ranges from 3-9kw. The purification area of ​​a single unit is 12-20 square meters. Its good ventilation and ventilation

characteristics make the concentration of *** substances in the working area lower than the *** allowable concentration specified by ***. At the

same time, the filtered gas can be directly discharged outdoors or further environmentally friendly.
The processing air volume determines the size of the bag filter. Generally, the processing air volume uses the working air volume. When designing,

we must pay attention to the place where the dust collector is used and the temperature of the flue gas. If the temperature of the flue gas

treatment of the bag filter has been determined, and the gas is cooled by the dilution method, the volume of the treated air must be considered to

increase the amount of diluted air; consider future process changes The design value of the air volume should be increased by 5% to 10% based on

the normal air volume. Otherwise, once the process is adjusted to increase the air volume, the filter speed of the bag filter will increase, which

will increase the resistance of the equipment and even shorten the filter. The service life of the bag will also be the reason for the sharp

increase in other fault frequencies, but if the coefficient is too large, it will increase the cost and operating cost of the dust collector; the

filtering wind speed depends on the type of bag dust collector and the type of filter material There are great differences in different

characteristics. Once the processing air volume is determined, the necessary filtering area can be determined according to the determined

filtering wind speed.

The use temperature of the bag filter is an important basis for design. Deviations between the use temperature and the design temperature will

cause serious consequences, because the temperature is restricted by the following two conditions: First, the *** tolerance allowed by different

filter material materials The temperature (instantaneous allowable temperature and long-term operating temperature) is strictly limited; the

second is to prevent condensation, the gas temperature must be maintained above *** 20 ° C. For high-temperature gas, it must be cooled below the

temperature that the filter material can withstand. There are various cooling methods. The typical ones are natural air pipe cooling, forced air

cooling, water cooling, etc., which can be arranged according to different processes and cooling temperatures. Design and selection according to

the size requirements.
Analysis on the development status and opportunities of polishing and dust removal workbench, the dust removal principle of Hebei Chuxin dust

processor: With the extension of the filtration time, the dust layer on the filter bag is continuously thickened, and the resistance is constantly

rising. At this time, the ash cleaning device starts ash cleaning. When cleaning, the compressed air passes through the pulse valves in sequence

in a very short time, and is sprayed to the filter bag through the nozzle, which causes the filter bag to rapidly expand and generate vibration,

and is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag under the effect of reverse airflow. The dust was peeled and fell into the ash hopper.

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