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How many kinds of stone infrared cutting machine?


Infrared cutting machine, also known as infrared bridge […]

Infrared cutting machine, also known as infrared bridge cutting machine, is mainly used for stone infrared cutting, numerical control infrared cutting, infrared glass cutting, infrared plastic cutting, roughly cutting the polished wool board, plastic, glass, cement board, etc., according to Standard size boards required for fast, accurate, continuous cutting.China stone cutting machines manufacturers
(1) Preparation before trial operation
1. Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the entire external connection and fasteners to confirm that they have been connected and fastened;
2. All reducers, headstocks, rotating parts, moving parts, etc. must be filled with lubricant according to regulations;
(2) Power-on inspection
Power on
2. Check whether each indicator is normal;
3. Check whether the emergency stop button is reliable and effective;
Note: This machine is controlled by a computer. You only need to perform lifting, slow and other technical operations on the control panel.
Infrared is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between microwave and visible light. The wavelength is between 760 nanometers (nm) and 1 millimeter (mm), which is invisible light longer than red light.
Anything above absolute zero (-273.15 ° C) can generate infrared rays. Modern physics calls it heat rays. Medical infrared can be divided into two categories: near infrared and far infrared. Containing thermal energy, the sun's heat is mainly transmitted to the earth through infrared rays.

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