How to grind and refurbish artificial stone stone cutting machinery

Update:12-02-2022 16:44:22

Although it is impossible to replace the natural stone, […]

Although it is impossible to replace the natural stone, the artificial stone will still have a broad market demand and application space in the future. If you want to do a good job in artificial stone care, you should have a clear understanding of its advantages and disadvantages.
1. Advantages
Compared with natural stone, resin-based artificial stone has low cost, diverse varieties, bright and rich colors, strong machinability, acid and alkali resistance, low water absorption, is not easy to be polluted and diseased, and can adapt to various user requirements and environments. use.
2. Disadvantages
The color is unnatural, the decorative effect is not as good as that of natural stone, the hardness is low, the wear resistance is low, and it is easy to produce scratches.
1. Analysis of the reasons why artificial stone is difficult to emit light:
1. Physical reasons
The temperature, pressure, and other aspects of artificial stone molding are far from natural stone, resulting in low density, small specific gravity, and low hardness of artificial stone. These factors are directly related to the gloss of stone. Therefore, artificial stone is relatively Difficult to shine.
2. Chemical reasons
On the one hand, the stone debris and stone powder contained in the artificial stone has undergone secondary crushing, and the crystal structure has been destroyed, making it difficult to present the gloss of natural stone. On the other hand, the resin component contained in the artificial stone will appear the phenomenon that the gloss is not obvious, dim, and opaque under the high-temperature ablation of grinding.
3. Solution
Through the analysis of the reasons, we can find the correct solution: on the one hand, artificial stone grinding cannot be dry grinding, and water grinding must be used. On the other hand, the selected crystalline material should be able to reduce the calcium component, re-crystallize, and generate a harder calcium carbonate or calcium metasilicate material, which is used to make up for the lack of calcium in the stone caused by the chemical composition of the artificial stone.


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