Application scope and development prospect of stone engraving machine

Update:10-02-2020 22:38:18

Stone as a high-grade building decoration material is w […]

Stone as a high-grade building decoration material is widely used in interior and exterior decoration design, curtain wall decoration and public facilities construction. The common stone materials currently on the market are mainly divided into natural stone and artificial stone. Natural stone is divided into slate and granite according to the physical and chemical characteristics. Artificial stone is divided into terrazzo and synthetic stone according to the process. Terrazzo is forged from raw materials such as cement and concrete. Synthetic stones are made from crushed stone of natural stone as raw materials, combined with binder and other materials. The latter two are made artificially, so the strength is not as high as natural stone. Stone is a high-end product for building decoration materials. Natural stone is roughly divided into granite, slate, sandstone, limestone, volcanic rock, etc. With the continuous development and progress of technology, the products of artificial stone continue to change with each passing day. Stone. With the development of architectural design, stone has already become one of the important raw materials for construction, decoration, road and bridge construction.

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