How to operate the stone profiling machine

Update:20-01-2020 17:25:30

1. The operation of profiling machines from different m […]

1. The operation of profiling machines from different manufacturers is slightly different. The general operations are:
1. According to the size and shape of the processed stone, reasonably place or fix the stone on the workbench;
2. Install and adjust the profiling template (you can check if the position is appropriate);
3. Open the cooling water valve;China Stone Bridge Saws Manufacturers
4. Start each motor;
Read the instructions carefully before the above operations.
Second, the working principle of stone profiling machine:
There are two types of stone profiling machines. One is the template type, that is, the drawing is engraved into a template, which is stuck in the middle of the two fiber optic sensors, and it is automatically shaped according to the template, made into a blank, and then polished manually. The type is computerized. The drawings are compiled into instruction codes and input into the computer. Control instructions are automatically generated to control the left and right and up and down stepping motors to be processed into blanks and then manually polished.

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