Laser cutting machines are a great option for cutting a variety of materials

Update:25-08-2022 15:41:37

Laser cutting machines are a great option for cutting a […]

Laser cutting machines are a great option for cutting a variety of materials. They can be used to cut plastic, wood, acrylic, rubber, and more. These machines have an adjustable table and can process materials as thick as 20 mm. With through-feeding, they can also process materials on a roll.
Laser cutting machines use two different types of laser sources: gas lasers and fiber optic lasers. Gas lasers use a mixture of gas to create the light, while fiber optic lasers use thin quartz filaments with diodes or ytterbium. The laser head of the machine moves according to the program coordinates to cut or engrave the material.
Most modern laser cutters use computer numerical control (CNC) technology. This technology eliminates the need for a human operator. The CNC system uses special software to control the axis movements and laser output power. Different manufacturers use different kinds of CNC software to control their machines. They also customize the code to incorporate controls for unique features.
The quality of the laser beam used in a laser cutting machine depends on the material's thickness and the thickness of the laser. For example, a 40 W laser tube can cut plywood up to three mm thick and can engrave up to six mm thick. It is best suited for small production runs. For medium-thick materials, an 80 W laser tube can be used.
There are a few differences between gas-powered and air-powered laser cutting machines. Both types require a coolant to prevent the laser from heating up the material. The coolant used in laser cutting machines is water, and it circulates through a heat transfer system and chiller. The heat produced during the cutting process is about 60% of the energy needed for the process.
A fiber laser is more energy-efficient than a CO2 laser and can cut thin sheets much faster than CO2 lasers. Additionally, it can cut reflective materials without damaging them. In addition, it has a large gain bandwidth and wide wavelength tuning range. This makes fiber lasers ideal for cutting thin, reflective materials.
Laser cutting machines are an effective solution for many fabrication tasks. Whether you need a sheet for a product or a sheet of aluminum, this technology can make it happen. Laser cutting technology is incredibly accurate, and it works great on most shapes and sizes. It is the fastest, most efficient way to fabricate a component.
Although laser cutting machines are expensive, they can be used for a variety of purposes. Some are specialized, and are made for a particular type of work. A laser tube cutter has a CNC controller and is capable of cutting metal tubing. However, some lasers are not as accurate and are less affordable than others.





Scope of application

Rapid cutting of medium metal sheet is widely used in sheet metal processing, electrical cabinets, elevator manufacturing, environmental protection equipment, kitchen utensils, lighting- texture, production of advertising sign words, stainless steel decoration materials and other industries.


Product features

♦ Adopt gantry double drive structure, imported high precision reducer, rack, pinion and linear guide rail, stable transmission; fast acceleration. High positioning accuracy;

♦ Integrated structure design, reasonable configuration, small area occupied and centralized dust extraction.

♦ Good cutting quality, small thermal deformation, smooth cutting surface, flat, beautiful.

♦ Application of professional CNC cutting software can design a variety of graphics or text, flexible processing, simple operation, convenient.

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