The difference between the current fiber laser cutting machine and the early laser cutting

Update:24-04-2020 17:04:23

There is a big difference, the early ones are carbon di […]

There is a big difference, the early ones are carbon dioxide, YAG solid laser cutting machine, disc laser cutting machine, the following are the characteristics of laser cutting machine products of these times:

CO2 laser cutting machine (2000-2004)

From 2000 to 2004, a complete set of high-power laser equipment was launched, which was used in a wide range of fields such as cutting, welding, drilling, etc.

Main advantages: large power, general power is between 2000-4000W, can cut full-size stainless steel, carbon steel and other conventional materials within 25 mm, as well as aluminum plates within 4 mm and acrylic plates within 60 mm, wooden material plates, PVC plates , And the speed is very fast when cutting the thin plate. In addition, because the CO2 laser output is a continuous laser, when cutting, it is the smoothest and best cutting effect of the three laser cutting machines.China Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Suppliers

Main market positioning: 6-25 mm thick plate cutting processing, mainly for large and medium-sized enterprises and some laser cutting processing enterprises that are purely externally processed. However, due to the large maintenance loss of the laser and the large power consumption of the host, it is impossible to overcome factors. In the future, due to the huge impact of fiber laser cutting machines, the market is in a state of obvious shrinkage.

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