The main structure and working principle of portable electric cutting machine

Update:03-04-2020 10:52:41

The main structure and working principle of the portabl […]

The main structure and working principle of the portable electric cutting machine are as follows:
Portable electric cutting machine. Marble machine
This is a traditional cutting machine, which is cheap and easy to carry. When cutting, the dust is very large. In order to reduce the dust, water is usually sprayed on the cutting part manually while cutting. Cutting is easy to collapse, and sometimes the tiles are easy to crack when cutting. The scrap rate is high, and it is more labor-intensive.marble cutting machine Suppliers
Now electric cutting machines are also developing with the development of life, equipped with a faucet, which can directly reduce the temperature of the saw blade and can reduce dust pollution. In addition, you can also purchase accessories with 45-degree chamfers and chamfer them directly.
Advantages: You can cut wood, tiles and marble by replacing the saw blade. One machine is versatile and cost-effective.

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