The price determinants of marble

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The color of the marble determines the price Marble has […]

The color of the marble determines the price
Marble has always been loved by people for its solid texture and gorgeous colors. A consumer who buys marble said that marble is strong, with many colors and a wide range of choices. You can choose one or several different colors to use together, with good decorative effect and luxurious feeling. But at the same time, he said that choosing marble is a troublesome thing, because the natural marble of the same color has color difference, so when you buy, you should go to the warehouse to choose one by one. In order to avoid too much color difference, destroy the overall decorative effect.
The color of the marble is also an important factor in determining the price. According to merchants, the uniquely colored marble is more expensive because of its less mineral resources. The price of marble with a color similar to that of ore is generally around 100 yuan/square meter, while the price of red, black, and green marbles of the same specification is between 300 yuan/square meter and 500 yuan/square meter.
Artificial marble is a new trend of stone development
At present, most of the marbles sold on the market are natural marbles. There is a color difference between marbles of the same color, and the weight is heavier. When a large area is used for interior decoration, it will increase the load-bearing capacity of the building, and there may also be harmful substances in the natural marble. The artificial marble recently introduced to the market effectively solves these problems. According to the merchants, artificial marble is reprocessed from natural marble powder, which is better than natural marble in terms of hardness, luster and abrasion resistance. The artificial marble has finer color and texture. , The weight is relatively light, there is no color difference and radioactive material between the same color stone. However, because artificial marble is mostly imported from abroad, the price is relatively high, about 700 yuan per square meter, and the model is single, so it can only be used for floor decoration.
Testing standards and methods of radioactive materials in stoneChina marble cutting machine Suppliers
In the National Standards for the Classification and Control of Radiation Protection of Natural Stone Products, the radioactivity of the stone is divided into three categories: A, B, and C according to the radium equivalent concentration of the stone. The A is used for indoor decoration, and the B is used for other decorative objects. The interior decoration, Class C can only be used on the exterior surfaces of all buildings. According to the new inspection results of relevant departments, the radioactivity level of marble is low, while the radioactivity of granite is relatively high. The emission level of most of the stone materials in our country meets the requirements of the standard and is suitable for room decoration.
There are many methods to detect the radioactivity of stone. The most common and simple method is to use a Geiger counter. In addition, chemical analysis and physical methods can be used to calculate it. Experts remind consumers that they must ask the manufacturer for a product radioactivity certificate when purchasing. For consumers who have used stone, they can contact the Environmental Science and Technology Testing Center of Peking University and the Beijing Ministry of Radiological Protection to ask experts to do standard testing of stone radioactivity. .

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