How to choose the motor of the stone trimming machine?

Update:02-04-2021 16:42:25

When buying a stone cutting machine, everyone will choo […]

When buying a stone cutting machine, everyone will choose a stone cutting machine with a large motor. Only in this way can I feel that the equipment I buy is "cheap"? The following is a professional stone trimming machine manufacturer to analyze for everyone, how to choose the motor in the end?

The following points should be paid attention to when choosing a motor when buying a stone trimming machine:
1. Before purchasing equipment, you should first understand the specifications of the stones you need to process, the purpose of processing these stonesChina Stone Cutter Manufacturers, and the hardness of the stones. After setting these, you can determine how much motor you need.
2. According to our manufacturer’s many years of experience, we recommend that you choose an edge trimming machine with a 7.5 kilowatt motor for the stone home improvement industry, because the home improvement does not need to process deep stones. 7.5 motors are not suitable for our home improvement industry After all, choosing 11 kilowatts or more is a waste of resources, which will only increase our capital cost and is not beneficial to us.
3. Many people have a misunderstanding that the larger the motor, the faster it runs during stone cutting. This idea is wrong. If your stone is soft, 7 kilowatts are enough, and you still choose 11 kilowatts. In fact, their speeds are the same, and they won't be fast. I hope that when choosing equipment, you can choose the one that suits you.

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