What are the marble polishing and maintenance methods?

Update:25-10-2021 11:17:43

Many people like to install marble during decoration, i […]

Many people like to install marble during decoration, it looks very beautiful. However, the marble will lose its original luster and brightness through time and people's use, as well as improper care in the process. Some people say that it can be replaced if it is not good, but the cost of replacement is too high, and the time is too long, which may delay normal use. Therefore, many people choose to perform polishing treatment, and perform polishing and polishing work on the original basis to restore the original luster and brightness. So, how to do polished marble? How to maintain after polishing?
1. Thoroughly clean the ground, first remove the concrete grout at the stone gaps with a knife, and then use a brush, vacuum cleaner, etc. to completely remove the dust. Clean it up with a dry and clean floor mop, and there is no sand or impurities on the ground.
2. After the overall cleaning of the stone surface is completed, use marble glue to repair the small damaged points on each stone and the center seam of the stone. First, repair the original damaged surface with marble glue close to the color of the stone. Then use a special stone slitting machine to neatly cut and slit the center seam of the original stone installation, so that the width of the gap is consistent, and then fill it with marble glue close to the color of the stone. After the marble glue is repaired, it must wait for the glue to dry before it can be used in the next process.
3. After the marble glue is dry, use a grinder to polish the whole ground, and polish the whole horizontally, focusing on grinding the caulking glue between the stones and the edges near the walls, decorative shapes, and special shapes to keep the overall stone ground level. , Complete the first grinding, re-carry the marble glue caulking, continue with the second grinding after the caulking is completed, and then use the stone refurbishment machine with the steel diamond terrazzo, from coarse to fine, a total of seven grinding and polishing are required. The ground is flat and smooth as a whole, and then polished by steel wool, the polishing degree reaches the brightness required by the design, and there is no obvious gap between the stones. (Bridge grinders and professional grinding discs must be used for granite renovation. Resin grinding discs cannot be used. Coarse grinding: Do not reduce the number of grinding passes and change the number of grinding discs. 60-mesh grinding discs polish the cut, height difference, and height of the stone floor. Scratches and deformation, etc., the glue color is basically the same and must be full. Fine grinding: Do not reduce the number of grinding passes and change the number of grinding pieces.)
4. After the polishing is completed, use a water suction machine to treat the moisture on the ground, and at the same time use a blow dryer to dry the whole stone floor. If time permits, you can also use natural air drying to keep the stone surface dry.
5. Spray the potion evenly on the ground while grinding with a marble polishing machine. Use a washing machine and a red scouring pad to spray the potion with the same amount of water on the ground to start grinding. The heat energy makes the crystal face material crystallize on the surface of the stone. The surface effect formed after chemical treatment.
6. Overall ground maintenance treatment: If it is a stone with large voids, it should be painted with marble protective agent and polished again to increase the crystal surface hardness of the entire ground.
7. Ground cleaning and maintenance: When the stone surface is formed into a crystal mirror surface, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the residue and water on the ground, and finally use a polishing pad to polish it to make the whole ground completely dry and bright as a mirror. If local damage is done, local maintenance can be performed. After the construction is completed, you can go up and walk at any time. (After the stone surface is dry, do crystallization and hardening treatment until it reaches the surface effect required by the model. The refurbished travertine stone surface reaches a mirror gloss of more than 60 degrees, and there must be no height difference between the stones, and the granite stone surface reaches Above 80 degrees, there must be no glue leakage.)

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