How much do you know about the head polishing machine?

Update:03-11-2021 18:05:04

Applicable industries: All kinds of internal and extern […]

Applicable industries: All kinds of internal and external polishing of heads, including conical head polishing, spherical crown head polishing, spherical head polishing, dish head polishing, pressure head polishing, special-shaped head polishing, stainless steel oval head Polishing, standard head polishing, pressure vessel head polishing, etc., stainless steel head polishing.

Purpose: polishing and polishing the inner and outer surfaces of industrial heads of various materials.

Detailed description:
1. Principle of the machine tool: Through the friction between the grinding wheel or polishing wheel and the surface of the workpiece, the inner and outer surfaces of the head and the welding seam can be ground and polished to improve the surface roughness of the workpiece.

2. The machine tool structure includes mechanical parts and electrical control parts.

3. Polishing of the head
3.1 Setting of the polishing surface of the head: According to the curve of the inner surface of the head, it can be roughly divided into three sections, namely, three sections of time-sharing and speed-sharing control.
3.2 The wire control box provides the jog operation function in the four directions of the beam, up, down, left, and right when the head is polished, which is convenient for the operator to approach the head to observe and adjust the contact between the grinding wheel and the workpiece.

4. Basic parameters
4.1. Polishing workpiece size: workpiece diameter φ300-φ6000 mm
4.2. Machining accuracy: surface roughness Ra≤0.25μm (achieved successively)
4.3. Production efficiency: 9 square meters per hour.
4.4. The rotation of the workpiece and the lateral feed are variable frequency stepless speed regulation, which further improves the work efficiency.
4.5. Suitable polishing materials are Thousand Impeller Wheel, Cloth Wheel, Hemp Wheel, and Nylon Wheel can realize surface drawing.
4.6. Approximate dimensions of the machine (L×W×H): 3000×1500×2500mm.
4.7. The total input power is about 5Kw.

5. Product Features
5.1. The polishing material is a thousand-impeller wheel, which is low-cost.
5.2. It adopts frequency conversion control, adjustable speed and high efficiency.
5.3. It can achieve mirror polishing from 60-500 eye level (achieved successively)
5.4. High degree of automation, continuous and uniform polishing work.

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