What are the automatic polishing?

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Round tube polishing machine The multi-tube polishing m […]

Round tube polishing machine
The multi-tube polishing machine adopts the principle of centerless grinding and consists of two major mechanisms: polishing and feeding. By adjusting the feed rate of the grinding head, the workpiece can be ground or finely polished with a large margin. By adjusting the distance between the guide wheels, It can process workpieces of different specifications. The feeding mechanism of the machine adopts a stepless speed change device, which can achieve the ideal grinding and polishing effect by changing the feed speed of the workpiece. According to the different materials and polishing requirements of the workpiece, various polishing tools such as emery cloth wheel, hemp wheel, cloth wheel and nylon wheel can be flexibly selected to polish the workpiece. The workpiece pallet is made of wear-resistant materials, so it does not need to be adjusted frequently. When the workpiece specifications are changed and adjusted, the machine adopts the structure of "one-way movement and two-way in place", which greatly simplifies the adjustment of the pallet. The complete production line consists of three parts: polishing machine, feeding device and discharging device. And there are a variety of models for users to choose from, such as standard, automatic, environmentally friendly and economical. The number of main machine grinding heads can be specified when ordering according to the original condition of the workpiece surface and the surface finish requirements of the finished product.

Disc polishing machine
The disc polishing machine is mainly composed of a disc, polishing column (the number of polishing columns is determined according to the processing technology of the product), an electric control box and an abrasive supply system.
The disc-type multifunctional automatic polishing machine is a polishing machine model with a wide range of adaptability. It can be used for surface treatment of workpieces made of copper, iron, zinc, and stainless steel. The movement of the disc can be intermittent or continuous according to the different processed products, and is equipped with a frequency converter to control the speed of the disc; the polishing wheel on the polishing column can be used for multi-axis positioning to meet the polishing of different sides of the product; depending on the product Process requirements, the product can be sanded, rough polished, fine polished, fine polished and other streamlined operations, and the polishing column can be appropriately selected; the hemp wheel and cloth wheel can be automatically compensated when they are worn out; equipped with automatic liquid injection Wax device: The fixture has an automatic loading and unloading device design (the fixture design must be matched), which is very convenient to operate. The machine is also equipped with a fault alarm function, which can automatically display the cause of the fault.

CNC polishing machine
CNC polishing machine is also called CNC sharpening machine, CNC knife sharpening machine, CNC polishing machine.

The CNC polishing machine is a new generation product with automatic control system developed by the working principle of the sharpener. It is a new type of double-head sharpener that integrates sharpening and polishing (removing the knife). It is especially suitable for Small and medium-sized book printing plant.
The grinding head of the CNC polishing machine adopts a stepping motor and a PLC programming control system; it can automatically adjust the number of rough grinding and fine grinding, and the grinding precision is high; the grinding wheel can be automatically fed, memorized, stored, and dynamically tracked, easy to operate, and automated High degree, the highest degree of automation among similar sharpeners, greatly improving work efficiency.

Mold polishing machine
The mold polishing machine adopts imported high-power devices, and the power is 30% higher than similar products. Microcomputer controlled resonant frequency automatic search and lock function; numerical control nine-segment vibration size and discharge gap tracking adaptation function. The scope of application of the mold polishing machine: various molds (including cemented carbide molds) of complex cavities, narrow slots, blind holes and other rough surfaces to mirror surface shaping and polishing. It can polish various metals, glass, jade, agate, etc. The microcomputer accurately generates five-speed spark pulses and ninety-nine-segment patterns and strengthened pulses. In the pattern state, it can realistically simulate the electric spark pattern from matt to very thick; the strengthened state can make tungsten carbide and other high wear resistance Material transfer and plating to the working surface of the workpiece, thereby greatly extending the service life of the workpiece; due to the improved sound wave output circuit, the machine is very suitable for vibration grinding of rough surfaces with fiber whetstone and diamond files; real people with artificial intelligence are added The audible voice prompt function provides a strong guarantee for the correct and safe use of the machine.

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