What are the handheld micro electric polishers?

Update:17-11-2021 18:21:27

The handheld micro electric polishing machine includes: […]

The handheld micro electric polishing machine includes: micro electric grinder, micro electric angle grinder, micro electric left and right reciprocating file, and micro electric front and back reciprocating file series. This type of product is suitable for small-area flat surfaces, cavities, arc surfaces, fine gaps, groove surfaces, etc., working surfaces that are not easy to be polished by conventional tools because of their small size, high speed, and stable operation. , Has been widely used, and also has a dust collection function on the market, which can suck dust away at the same time during polishing.

Magnetic polishing machine
The magnetic polishing machine uses super electromagnetic force to conduct fine grinding stainless steel needles, produce high-speed flow, turn around and other actions, rub the inner hole of the workpiece, surface friction, and achieve precise grinding effects such as polishing, cleaning, and burr removal at one time. Short working hours, imported semi-permanent stainless steel abrasive materials, low cost. (For the cleaning, polishing and deburring of the dead corners of the inner holes and uneven surfaces of precision hardware parts)

Flame polishing machine
The flame polisher uses electrolyzed water technology to extract hydrogen and oxygen gas from the water. Hydrogen is used as fuel and oxygen is used to support combustion. It can replace carbon-containing gases such as acetylene, coal gas, and liquefied gas. It has high calorific value, concentrated flame, and It has the advantages of zero pollution, high production efficiency, energy saving and convenience. It is suitable for carrying the aircraft to the field environment. It is suitable for precision process open flame welding, small casting, small parts quenching and annealing, various wire welding, high temperature material testing, etc. in jewelry factories, gold shops, dental, glass and other industries.

Blade polishing machine
During the processing of the blade of the blade polishing machine, due to various reasons, the blade margin may be uneven, and the margin may be too thick or too thin on a workpiece. If you use conventional machinery to polish, The personal safety of the operator is endangered. A blade polishing machine, which consists of a five-axis transmission machine tool. The five-axis transmission machine tool is equipped with a C-axis servo motor and a power head rotating shaft. Both ends of the power head rotating shaft 5 are mounted on a support. The support is connected to the power head, the power head is provided with a support, the sanding belt motor and the driving shaft are fixed on the support, the sanding belt is mounted on the motor shaft of the sanding belt motor, and the sanding belt is equipped with Spherical pulley. This product is used for blade polishing.

Two-station polishing machine
A two-station polishing machine, which includes a frame, a polishing wheel, and a power device; the polishing wheel is set on the frame, and the polishing wheel is driven by the power device; the surface of the polishing wheel includes outer fiber fabric; the polishing machine has two There are two polishing wheels, and the two polishing wheels are a flat wheel and a cam disk. The polishing machine of the utility model has a flat roulette and a cam plate, and the user can conveniently and frequently alternately use the flat roulette and the cam plate to manually polish the flat, convex and concave surfaces of the product surface, and has high work efficiency.

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