What effect will the cutter head have on the plate in the mechanical cutting of stone?

Update:24-06-2021 17:00:35

Stone machinery is an energy-efficient stone equipment, […]

Stone machinery is an energy-efficient stone equipment, which is favored by customers. The cutter head is the first part of the stone machine to process the stone, which has a huge impact on the production. In a few days, we will explain to you the impact of stone machinery on slabs.Stone Pofiling Machine Manufacturers
The main reason for the bending of plate cutting is that the cutter head is not sharp, and the knife is forced to be overloaded or moved, resulting in excessive cutting current and bending of the plate. Therefore, stone processing factories should take edge-sharpening measures for new cutter heads before cutting. If conditions permit, mechanical edge-shaping can be used to reduce the over-tolerance of radial jump and end jump. However, in my country, most stone processing plants have poor conditions and cannot use mechanical edge cutting, but use random edge cutting. In the process of random blade cutting, a strict cutting and blade cutting process should be formulated and implemented at 1/3 or 1/4 of the normal cutting or cutting speed, and the knife should be fully "sharpened" to reduce the radial runout of the blade error. Otherwise, in the process of overloading or cutting, the saw blade substrate cannot withstand the huge load, and the flatness, tension value, and end face runout will be deteriorated, which will lead to the later cutting and bending, and the substrate cannot be solved.

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