What to pay attention to when using a stone cutting machine

Update:17-12-2021 15:19:41

If you want to use the stone cutting machine proficient […]

If you want to use the stone cutting machine proficiently, you must first understand the installation and adjustment of the machine thoroughly, as well as the safety matters that the machine needs to pay attention to.
First of all, when the stone cutting machine is installed, the base should be placed on a relatively flat cement table or a shelf of other materials, and the track surface should be in a straight state. When there is no need to move machinery and equipment, the base can be connected to the foundation with anchor screws, and finally fixed with cement. The support of the machine should be connected to the base with four bolts. When installing the support, a dial indicator should be used to correct the parallelism of the direction of movement of the saw blade facing the worktable and the perpendicularity of the saw blade facing the worktable. The error between them must be controlled within a small range.
When using a stone cutting machine, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. The operator must have the method of using the stone cutting machine, and wear insulating gloves when operating.
2. Before turning on the stone cutting machine, be sure to check whether the bolts and nuts of each part are loose, check the power supply and wiring for leakage, and check the direction of the saw blade and the arrow of the protective cover. Keep the same direction, and you can turn it on after checking.
3. When cutting the bevel or bevel and need to tilt the machine head, you should first raise the machine head to the uppermost part along the up and down rotation fan, and then loosen the bolt on the top of the machine head tilt. In order to prevent the machine head from tilting down suddenly during operation, hold the machine head with your hand when loosening the bolts.
4. Remember to check and maintain the machine regularly during use.
5. The traveling wheel shaft, main bearing parts and bearing parts of the manual feeding device under the workbench should be checked regularly to clean up the dirt and add some butter.
6. When noise or abnormal vibration occurs during work, stop the machine for inspection in time, and then turn on the machine after troubleshooting.

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