What to pay attention to when using waterjet cutting?

Update:23-07-2021 10:13:17

In order to maintain the physical properties of the mat […]

In order to maintain the physical properties of the material, many manufacturers use high-pressure water jet cutting technology, using water as a cutting tool, and turning the water into a stone machinery through a high-pressure head. With the development of technology, we have gradually discovered that if garnet sand is mixed in the water Abrasives such as, emery and other abrasives can increase the speed and thickness of waterjet cutting. This processing method is environmentally friendly and safe. It usually does not need to be reworked after cutting, and its work efficiency is high. It is suitable for mass processing. This cutting method has certain dangers. Sex, so what should we pay attention to when using waterjets?

1. Stay away from the cantilever

For the sake of safety, we will carry out strict sealing and high-pressure protection on the cutting head. When cutting with high-pressure gun water flow, we generally rely on the CNC cantilever or gantry to drive the cutting head. Therefore, we must pay attention to stay away from the cantilever when the equipment is working. Avoid being injured by water or cutting objects. At the same time, make sure that there are no interference objects around the cantilever to ensure the cutting quality.

2. The materials are placed flat

When cutting, the water jet and the material are at a vertical angle. Under the action of force, the water flow will take away the cutting heat and debris. If the material is not laid flat, the cutter head will have a certain angle with the material, and the sand will be easily damaged during cutting. Pipes can even cause high-pressure water leakage, affecting the safety of operators.

3. Cut off the high pressure water

After the cutting work is completed, high-pressure water will remain in the system. We must turn off the high-pressure water switch or high-pressure before reclaiming to ensure safety. If there is an emergency power failure, do not rush close to the cutting head and turn on the power again. , The residual high-pressure water must be removed before normal operation.

For water jets, high-pressure devices are very important. If the pressure of the water jet is not enough, it will affect the quality of cutting. Therefore, we must regularly check the high-pressure pipes and boosters, otherwise it will cause high-pressure water leakage and traditional cutting. Compared with technology, the use of high-pressure water guns for processing is obviously more environmentally friendly, and it can also ensure the quality of the products, and at the same time can save the cost of cutting. We must choose according to the actual situation.

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