Analysis of the Causes of the Vibration of the Main Machine of the Bridge Stone Saw

Update:14-04-2021 17:42:13

The bridge sawing machine is an energy-efficient stone […]

The bridge sawing machine is an energy-efficient stone equipment, which is favored by customers. MechanicalStone CNC working center suppliers failure is a common problem in customer production, which has a great impact on production. Today we will introduce to you the causes of vibration during the work of the bridge stone saw.
The reasons for this phenomenon are: the matching clearance between the spindle box and the bearing is not appropriate; the bearing is damaged; the flange is not clean, bumps and scratches; the spindle is bent or damaged; the bearing caps at both ends of the spindle box are loose, and the cutting line speed is inappropriate; The head selection does not match the stone; the saw blade jumps are the main reasons for the above failure phenomenon.
To eliminate this type of fault, first focus on checking the headstock components, paying special attention to measuring the radial runout of the spindle, the end face runout of the saw blade fixing flange and other parameters.
1. The radial runout of the main shaft is ≤0.04; the flange section runout is ≤0.08;
2. The verticality of the saw blade shaft and the sliding carriage trajectory is no more than 0.05mm, and the verticality of the saw blade shaft and the carriage's lifting movement trajectory is no more than 0.05mm.
3. Also check whether the fasteners are loose, and re-tighten them as appropriate. Check the oil level in the oil sump, if it is obviously insufficient, it should be replenished. Check whether the saw blade swings too much when it rotates, and check the diamond exposure of the cutter head, that is, whether the cutter head is sharp. If the cutter head is blunt, use refractory bricks to reopen the blade. Observe whether the operator is operating correctly.

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