How to carry out the maintenance of stone machinery

Update:13-05-2022 10:34:48

The maintenance of stone machinery and equipment is a v […]

The maintenance of stone machinery and equipment is a very important part. Because stone machinery works for a long time, the working environment is not very good, so the maintenance of equipment cannot be ignored. Doing a good job in the maintenance of stone machinery can greatly extend the life of the equipment and reduce the failures in our production, so as to ensure our smooth production.
How should the maintenance of stone machinery be done?
1. The oil must be filled and changed in strict accordance with the lubrication requirements.
2. Regularly check whether various fasteners are loose, and ensure that they are tightened.
3. When replacing the diamond garden saw, the end face of the saw blade should be detected. The new saw blade should not exceed 0.8mm, and the re-welding saw blade should not exceed 1.5mm.
4. Check whether the tension of the V-belt is moderate, whether there is slippage, and whether it is aging. Adjust or replace if necessary.
5. Check whether the centralized lubricating oil path is smooth.
6. Always check the electrical components in the control cabinet, whether the connection screws are loose, and whether the movements are sensitive.
7. Whether the center is correct and stable when cutting and changing the material, the bottom of the block must be left with 10~40mm.
8. Check whether there is water leakage in the headstock, if found, immediately find out the cause, take measures, and change the oil again.
9. Check whether the electrical appliances are safely grounded.
10. Check whether the clearance of each moving guide rail is appropriate.



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