What is the operation method of small rock cutting machine

Update:07-05-2022 9:51:46

1. Before each operation, it is necessary to open the r […]

1. Before each operation, it is necessary to open the rear door to check the tightness of the V-belt, which can neither be loose nor too tight. The transmission chain, sprocket, worm gear, filament rod, and guide rails of various parts should be lubricated with mechanical lubricating oil.

2. The V-belt of the spindle motor should be frequently loosened, and the linear speed of the diamond cutter will drop after the belt is sent, which will not only cut the specimen but also seriously damage the blade and equipment.

3. After the power is turned on, it is necessary to press the button of the main unit to see if the direction of rotation indicated by the arrow is turned, and it must be turned correctly, otherwise, after starting the main shaft, it can fly out low, and the fast-forward and fast-reverse travel switch malfunctions and damages the equipment.

4. When the cutter moves to the terminal retreat, it is necessary to hold the blade completely away from the specimen before turning off the tap water, and then open the sealing door to take out the specimen.

5. The diamond tool is a valuable product, try to prevent the impact when clamping the rock, so as not to deform the blade and affect the cutting quality.

6. During normal cutting, do not press the fast forward button. Otherwise, the fast feed will damage the blade and the machine.

7. If abnormal noise is found in the main engine during the cutting process, the tool should be withdrawn and stopped to check.

8. Pay attention to whether the flow of cooling water is sufficient at any time, so as to prevent insufficient cooling water and aggravating blade wear or stuck.

9. Non-professional training personnel are strictly prohibited from operating.

10. Stop working without water.

11. During the operation, the operator should stop pulling it back with force.

12. After the operation, lift the saw blade first, then cut off the power and water.

13. In the event of an accident in the middle, be sure to lift the saw blade and then cut off the power and water, and don't let it go.


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