Stone Edge Polishing Machine is an important machine in the stone industry

Update:30-09-2022 8:46:39

If you want to achieve the best result possible with yo […]

If you want to achieve the best result possible with your stone products, you need to invest in a Stone Edge Polishing Machine. This machine can finish a range of tasks with a high degree of accuracy. In addition, it can be used on curved and straight edges, including those of decorative stones. Moreover, it comes with a one-year warranty. If there is any damage to the machine, you will be charged for it. A good quality machine can save you money by reducing labor costs.
Another type of Stone Edge Polishing Machine is the Stone Edge Straight Line Polishing Machine. This machine is a recent addition to the stone edge polishing market. It is equipped with 8 heads and can handle a variety of slab sizes. It can process a stone ogee edge, a curved stone edge, a 45-degree bevel, and even a window slab.
The Edge Polishing Machine is designed to shape flat or convex edges of granite, marble, or other stone surfaces. It also features a quick tool change mechanism, which adjusts pressure to fit different edge profiles. The machine is designed for easy maintenance and high productivity. Its unique features include an automatic tool change system, a large storage capacity, and the ability to program its settings to any angle or position.
This Stone Edge Polishing Machine has three rough grinding wheels and five polishing wheels. It has an automatic control system and man-machine interface that allows it to process various kinds of stone, including marble, granite, and artificial stones. It is also equipped with automatic controls to compensate for the amount of polishing material being used and prevent the leakage of process materials.
Stone Edge Polishing Machine is an important machine in the stone industry. It can polish different types of stones and can grind a wide range of shapes. Aside from being versatile, the Stone Edge Polishing Machine is extremely economical. It has numerous advantages and can significantly increase the productivity of stone edge polishing.




This machine adopts eight-heads structure with quick molding and polishing to finish all the process in one time.

The speed of the conveyor is controlled by the inverter.

The abrasive tools are consumption by cylinder.

This machine is particularly suitable for large projects which have mass production to process.

This machine is working with good stable and high eficiency, this is our latest model in grinding machine.

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