There are many different types of stone cutting machines

Update:14-10-2022 8:48:15

Stone cutting machines are tools used to create stone p […]

Stone cutting machines are tools used to create stone products. They can handle a variety of raw stones, such as Granite and Marble, and can produce any shaped stone. Thanks to advanced robotic technology, they can cut larger quantities of stones in less time than manual cutting methods. This allows them to be used in a wide variety of applications.
There are many different types of stone cutting machines, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Generally, they are used to mine wall stone, such as large blocks, and to cut structural articles, such as facing slabs. There are stationary and mobile models, and each has its own unique features. The machines are powered by hydraulic systems that produce high pressure for the cutting process. Some machines also have electric motors and combustion engines.
Water jet cutting machines are an excellent option for cutting stones. They produce minimal dust, making them an environmentally-friendly choice. Another benefit of water jet cutting is its ability to etch stone. The water jet-cutting process is particularly efficient for marble, granite, and limestone, and is highly adjustable. The water jet-cutting process can also be used to cut glass and other materials.
Regardless of the type of stone-cutting machine, there are certain safety measures that operators should follow to keep themselves and others safe. Proper machine guarding is crucial, as unguarded cutting blades can cause amputations and other serious injuries. A machine guard should be in place and should be inspected and maintained regularly. A worker should also wear appropriate eye and face protection.
The old methods of cutting stone can make the finished product unusable, which is why stone-cutting machines are the best solution. In fact, stone-cutting machines can even be computer-controlled. This allows for faster production, with lower labor costs. In addition, many stone fabrics need to work with a wide variety of different materials. This requires the machine to be able to handle a variety of materials and maintain a high standard of sharpness and cutting performance.





This equipment adopts guide movement with highly precision grinding and manual scraping, the main parts are processed by heat treatment, the main beam and side beam are smoothed by oil immersed lubricating.

It adopts by infrared to cut, the cutting speed by inverter control to achieve stepless adjustment. the head movements, table title up, rotation and position are used hydraulic transmission to move. and the main parts are imported with high quality, it can be cut by manually and fully automatic easily.

It adopts PLC programmable control system and touch screen operator and combined with high precision encode positioning.

The worktable is adopted at 90 degree rotation, and position at 360 degree, and there is no effect of the environment in stable using.

This machine is made of good steel with high working accuracy and moving stable with long service life.

It is applicable to cut the valuable and large sized stone board for many specifications.

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