There are several types of stone cutting machines

Update:03-02-2023 10:18:26

A stone cutting machine is a machine used to cut stone, […]

A stone cutting machine is a machine used to cut stone, marble, granite, or other types of hard materials into specific shapes or sizes. There are several types of stone cutting machines, including bridge saws, block cutters, and jib saws.
Bridge saws are large, heavy-duty machines used to cut slabs of stone into specific sizes and shapes. They typically feature a circular blade that rotates around a vertical axis, making it possible to make precise cuts through even the hardest materials.
Block cutters, on the other hand, are used to cut blocks of stone into smaller pieces that can then be further processed into specific shapes and sizes. These machines are typically smaller and more compact than bridge saws, making them well-suited for smaller workshops or production facilities.
Jib saws are similar to block cutters, but they are designed for making cuts at specific angles. These machines are often used for cutting decorative patterns or shapes into stone or other materials.
Regardless of the type of stone cutting machine, all of these machines rely on powerful motors, precise blades, and advanced control systems to make clean, accurate cuts through even the toughest materials. They are essential tools for any stone fabrication or cutting operation, allowing workers to produce high-quality, custom-cut stone products quickly and efficiently.





This equipment adopts guide movement with highly precision grinding and manual scraping, the main parts are processed by heat treatment, the main beam and side beam are smoothed by oil immersed lubricating.

It adopts by infrared to cut, the cutting speed by inverter control to achieve stepless adjustment. the head movements, table title up, rotation and position are used hydraulic transmission to move. and the main parts are imported with high quality, it can be cut by manually and fully automatic easily.

It adopts PLC programmable control system and touch screen operator and combined with high precision encode positioning.

The worktable is adopted at 90 degree rotation, and position at 360 degree, and there is no effect of the environment in stable using.

This machine is made of good steel with high working accuracy and moving stable with long service life.

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