What are the characteristics of cnc engraving machine?

Update:04-06-2021 11:41:23

1. The fastest and most efficient It can reach the fast […]

What are the characteristics of cnc engraving machine?

1. The fastest and most efficient
It can reach the fastest speed of 25 meters per minute, can realize fast processing, and naturally have high efficiency, which is equivalent to purchasing 3-4 sets of other brand equipment. —CNC engraving machine
2. Guide rail life is 2200 times longer
The equipment all use imported linear guides, which are more than garden guides. The service life of the former is 2200 times that of the latter, and the accuracy is more than 10 times.
3. High precision
Large equipment can engrave small characters of 1 mm, which depends on the high precision of the equipment.
4. Good rigidity and huge steel structure
It can cut 8 mm copper plates, so the overall rigidity of the equipment is good.
5. The largest format
The width exceeds 1.6 meters, which is larger than similar equipment. --CNC engraving machine
6. The highest stroke
The processing stroke reaches 150 mm, which is higher than other equipment. It is convenient to process third-party semi-finished products and special-shaped processed parts.
7. High power
It is easy to cut acrylic with a thickness of 30 mm or more and PVC with a thickness of 5 cm or more with one knife.
8. Simple maintenance
Industrial product design standards, simple maintenance, and long-term stable use like industrial machineChina Stone CNC Machines Suppliers tools.
9. Double motor drive
Double motor drive, automatic anti-backlash, to ensure fast, uniform and stable gantry movement.
The application of cnc engraving machine in various industries
Woodworking industry
Three-dimensional wave board processing, cabinet doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft fan window processing furniture products milling carving.
Mold industry:
It can engrave all kinds of relief, shadow carving, openwork, plane carving, cutting, washing and other effects.
Advertising carving:
Advertising signs, pvc boards, front plates, two-color boards, logo production, acrylic cutting, blister molding, large-character cutting, sign production, cutting PVC, crystal plates, acrylic, LED/neon grooves, hole literal cutting , Manufacture of blister light box mould.
Stone carving:
Natural marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, milestones, ceramic tiles, glass and other materials three-dimensional relief and line carving, cutting, chamfering, drilling two-dimensional carving.
Handicraft industry:
Various exquisite patterns and characters can be carved on wood, bamboo, artificial marble, organic board, two-color board, crystal and other materials.

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