What are the benefits of a stone cutting machine

Update:01-07-2022 17:16:26

If you have a stone workshop, you are probably familiar […]

If you have a stone workshop, you are probably familiar with the benefits of a stone cutting machine. It is not only effective for cutting stone slabs but also for removing old or damaged stone masonry. The simplest machine can cut stone down to a quarter of its original size in less than half an hour! The best way to use a stone cutting machine is to follow a few simple steps. Here are 8 great benefits of a stone cutting machine.
First, you need to choose a machine that will cut the stone. The best stone cutting machines come with blades that are designed to fit the material you are working with. For example, a saw made for cutting granite will have a blade that is a quarter-inch thick and be able to cut a stone of two to three inches thick in one pass. Another machine that is designed for cutting granite is the slab saw. The slab saw is typically sixteen to twenty-four inches in diameter and will allow you to cut a slab of stone to a quarter-inch thickness. The trim saw, meanwhile, is a smaller version, measuring four to six inches in diameter. It uses a very thin blade to cut small sections out of slabs.
Different stone-cutting machines differ in their design and function. They are used for different products, such as wall stone and large blocks of stone. Some machines can be used for a single operation, while others can perform both horizontal and cross cutting, depending on the design. The hydraulic system is sometimes powered by a combustion engine or by hand. A common drive allows multiple machines to cut stone at the same time. One type of stone cutting machine is the universal stonecutter. It can perform all three types of cutting - horizontal, butt, and cross.
A cabbing machine is an effective tool for grinding stones. This type of machine is able to rotate the stone and grind it to a precise shape while avoiding flat areas during the process. These machines typically use a flat or grooved lap to grind stones, and they can grind a large number of stones at once. Once the stone is ground to its final shape, it is polished using a process called tumbling. This is also a very effective method for polishing large slabs of stone.





Item ZDH-450X(90º) ZDH-600X(90º)
Max.processing dimension 3200×2000×100mm 3200×2000×150mm
Workstation rotation size 90º/360º 90º/360º
Saw blade diameter Φ350-Φ450mm Φ350-Φ600mm
Main engine power 17kw 18.5kw
Total power 22.2kw 23.7kw
Outline dimension 6000×4500×2800mm 6000×4500×5050mm
Weight 5T 5.5T
Water consumption 3m³/h 3m³/h
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