What are the common misunderstandings in stone mechanical lubrication

Update:12-08-2022 9:44:31

Stone machinery is widely used equipment in the industr […]

Stone machinery is widely used equipment in the industry and is favored by customers. Lubrication is an important matter in machinery and has a great impact on production. Today we will explain to you the misunderstandings in stone mechanical lubrication.
(1) The purpose of lubrication is to speed up the operation of the equipment. The real purpose of lubrication is to lubricate the equipment normally, so that the equipment does not malfunction during operation, so as to maintain the normal operation of the equipment, thereby improving productivity and economic benefits.
(2) The lubricating operation is refueling. When the oil, refueling, and inspection cycle of the equipment are determined, the equipment should be operated and inspected by shift, day, and week according to the refueling location, refueling cycle, refueling amount, refueling method, and lubricant used for the equipment (key parts). more and stricter requirements), not once and for all.
(3) The more you refuel, the better. When a piece of equipment is designed, its refueling amount is strictly stipulated, and the operator should add lubricating oil according to the instruction manual and the oil standard and sight glass observed daily. In the actual operation of the equipment, if too much oil is added, it will have certain side effects. For example, in an air compressor, too much oil is added to the crankcase, which increases the movement resistance of the crankshaft; in the reduction box, in order to reduce the movement resistance of the gears and prevent the oil temperature from rising, the depth of the gears immersed in the oil is 1} 2 teeth high. It is appropriate, that when the speed is high, it should be shallower; when lubricating the rolling bearing, the bearing cavity should not be completely filled, otherwise it will increase the bearing running resistance, easily generate heat, and cause the oil temperature to rise, the grease to flow off, and cause lubrication. defective or damaged bearings.
(4) It can be lubricated with oil. When a piece of equipment is designed, the designer specifies the lubricating oil used by the equipment according to the mechanism, but not all lubricating oil can play a lubricating role. In order to make the equipment lubricated reasonably in different environments, a certain amount of additives must be added to the lubricating oil. The additives added to various lubricating oils are different, and the performance is also different. Therefore, according to the equipment conditions and use Only by selecting the appropriate lubricant for the environment can it play a good lubricating effect.


自动磨边机 ZDM-8




Item ZDM-8
Straight line edge grinding length (Continous)
Number of grinding head 8(Pieces)
Main engine power 7.5lw×3,5.5kw×5
Total power 58kw
Water consumption 6m³/h
Processing width 1200mm
Outline dimension 5200×2200×1600mm
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